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MILESTONES ACHIEVED: $HON, staking and 3D Samurai Doge released

Samurai Doge is a movement of 10,000 animated NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain. Owning one of our NFTs gives you the mark of the warrior to seek glory in the fields of decentralized battles.

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$HON staking is available NOW.

Enlist in the Army

The Samurai Doge doubles up as your unique character in the upcoming game “Samurai Doge - Battlefield”. Each player needs a minimum of 1 Samurai Doge to join the game as you battle for glory and rewards.

Each Samurai Doge is Unique

Own a unique NFT character (mp4) and a downloadable high-resolution image designed by some of the world’s top artists. Each Samurai Doge is exceptional, with a different emotion, gender, facial attributes, elements, and rare factor. Spot the hidden traits.

38 sets
320 sets
15 sets
290 sets
56 sets
6 sets
9 sets
5 sets
142 sets

Join the 10,000 strong army!

Free #HONOR Tokens

Each Samurai Doge is entitled to free airdrops of the game’s token - $HONOR, exclusively to our NFT owners.

Breed the Next Generation

Every wallet address with a pair of male and female Samurai Doge will be able to breed more doges to complete your army.

Claim a 3D Samurai Doge

Anybody who owns a pair of genesis Samurai Doge will be able to claim 1 3D Samurai Doge when released. 3D model will be compatible with our own AR app.

Regenerate new NFT

Simply connect to your wallet and select the Samurai you wish to regenerate a new art piece using our AI technologies.

Battles Ahead

25% Sold

NFT Giveaways — Assemble on Discord to discuss the future of Samurai Doge.

50% Sold

Merch — Limited edition apparel and metal print based on character as a giveaway.

75% Sold

Metaverse — Finding the perfect place for the Samurai Doge gallery.

100% Sold

Game — Gathering of Samurai Doge owners to fine-tune the game mechanics.

The Team


History fan and experienced tech executive


Tech lead for blockchain and smart contracts


Creative director in a large tech company


Marketing lead and community manager


10 years experience in games development


Q2 2021
  • Ideation
  • Content preparation
Q3 2021
  • Release trailer
  • Finalize contract
  • Build community
  • Launch sale
  • Provide rarity summary
Q4 2021
  • Launch $HON
  • 3D voxel claim
  • Finalize balance
Q1 2022
  • Develop game engine
  • Game scene and content creation
Q2 2022
  • Alpha testing with community
  • Preparation for launch


The Future

War 1

ERC20 $HONOR Token in preparation for the Battlefield

War 2

Samurai Doge game in which NFT holders can play their character

War 3

Bringing together Samurai Doge NFT owners to form an exclusive club