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MILESTONES ACHIEVED: $HON, staking and 3D Samurai Doge released

Samurai Doge 3D

Samurai Doge 3D voxels are the companions to our army on Ethereum. Each 3D voxel comes in GLB, FBX formats which are compatible with most 3D software.

What can you use it for

3D Samurai Doge AR app

Place, resize and reposition your Samurai Doge 3D voxel within our Augmented Reality app.

Animation and Rigging

Every Samurai Doge 3D NFT comes with FBX and GLB files which can be used across standard 3D platforms such as Unity and Blender.


Convert and import into other metaverses in the future. However, we cannot guarantee full compatibility as each metaverse is different.

The 3D Doge